How to pronounce SIMPLIFIER in French 🔈 sin . pli . fyé

SIMPLIFIER is a French verb that means to make less complex or complicated, therefore easier to do or understand.


[ SIMPLIFIER ] is a new French brand established in 2020 in Paris.

After working in the fashion industry since many years, Christophe NGUYEN decided to launch a new project during the lockdown in Paris. It is a new brand again and again but without the classic seasonal system of collections.

The idea is to create a collection of shirts inspired by classics from the street culture.

Why shirts ? because it is an elegant piece of our contemporary wardrobe. Our shirts are sober and uncluttered without pockets but are recognizable thanks to our signature label on the side.


The mission is to offer a range casual shirts using premium fabrics where are sourced from suppliers known for quality. Our shirts are then manufactured in factories with a neat tailoring. Our products have nothing to envy to the big luxury brands.

Our shirts are genderless and timeless focus on quality with modern fits. The shirts are designed to be comfortable and never goes out of style for a relaxed silhouette.


SIMPLIFIER is a new shirts maker with new challenges about transparency durability and responsibility.

Join the mouvement convinced by "Less & Better" and "Quality not quantity".